The power of sleep

Sleep is important.

To me, sleep was always just a waste of time. As a kid, I would always say "why sleep when there is so much to do!". And I still believe in this. If sleeping or not sleeping wouldn't make any difference in my life - I wouldn't sleep at all.

Most people (I think) actually enjoys sleeping. I don't. To me, sleep is like being dead. At least that's how I imagine being dead. You fall asleep and you never wake up again. And who wants to be dead, right? Even temporarily?

Based on those believes, I would develop another one - I only need 6 hours of sleep a night tops to perform at my best and therefore... not waste valuable hours.

I was wrong. Sleep is important.

I had like a month of when I was extremely stressed and I didn't know why. I was also less patient and it was much easier to get on my nerves. And I wouldn't say it was lack of sleep until I had two nights with very little sleep in a row when it got MUCH WORSE.

So I realized, that it was a matter of sleep, but it was hard to fix, because I had problems falling asleep at the same time. I fell into that stupid cycle when you don't get enough sleep, so you drink more coffee (which does not help anymore) and that makes it harder to fall asleep, so you get even less sleep as a result.

You can only imagine how hard it was to get out of the bed those days. My head was heavy and I was already angry that my alarm had woken me up. I was already pissed off.

I stopped drinking coffee for a few days and also decided to get my magnesium level up to where it should be. And then, after a few days of such treatment, I would go to bed at 10pm. I would sleep like a baby until 7 in the morning. And... I would wake up the happiest man in the world. Seriously, I almost forgot that I could feel that good.

Sleep is important. No matter if you enjoy it or not. Lack of sleep can make you feel depressed, stressed and hard to deal with.

I realized that I was getting frustrated on things that I wouldn't be frustrated about if I had enough sleep. I would just deal with them. And it started to affect my judgement and my decisions. I decided to always take control of how much sleep I get and if I am get irritated quicker than usual - make sure that I get enough sleep.

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